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Zhengyuan  is  devoted  to  providing  leading  technologies, products  and  service  in  its  strategic  business  of  medical nebulizers.  
Aerosol  therapy  widely  researched  and  used  in America,Europe  and  Japan  is  a  effecitive  way  of  targeted delivery.  It  is  preferred  by  WHO  and  GINA  to  be  the  first choice  in  the  therapy  of  respiratory  system  disease  such  as asthma,COPD and ect.  
Based on the  firm  foundation and creative design  in the R&D of inhalation devices, our product has reached or exceeded the advanced  level  of  Germany,  USA,  UK  and  Japan.  Conclusive validations acquired by foreign and domestic   pharmaceutical companies  in  more  clinical  trials  than  any  other  brand,Our product  is  characterized  by  fine  and  consistent particles,low-power,and  portable.  Besides  its  calssic application in respiratory disease, We believe our product sets a good  foundation  for  aerosol  therapy  of  systemic  disease  and body surface disease.  
Upholding the attitude of just be yourself for self-enhancement and  the  belief  of  all  be  aspiring  for  business  development, Zhengyuan people spare no pains to contribute to human health care and medical work.